Saturday, November 12, 2011

San Miguel Travel Journal -- Part Two

Here is the second half of my travel journal from my September visit to San Miguel de Allende.  It was a fantastic trip and I enjoyed reliving my experiences there by photographing the pages of my journal.

The most frequent questions people ask is, "Isn't it hard to do all this while you are traveling?" and the answer is YES!  It is!...sometimes.  I try to do something for each day, even if it is just a list of things I want to write about later, or the ephemera that I collect being sorted and culled.  I am too tired, some nights, to work on the journal, but I try very, very hard to keep pretty current with it as I have found that when I try and write it up after returning home the immediacy is lost---it seems flat.  I am always, always glad that I have taken the time to do a good job journaling when I get home.

Yes, I do reread my journals and I find it is a great way to be able to find the name of that restaurant or of that nice man who was such a good guide/painter/shop owner/whatever.

I often incorporate purchased postcards into the travel journals.  I can use them to add writing space, if needed, and sometimes a postcard will have that perfect photo (that I didn't manage to take) or some historical figure or place that I want to be sure to remember.  They are very inexpensive mementos.
The self portrait of Diego Rivera on the page above was purchased at the Diego Rivera museum in Guanajuato.  The museum is located in the house in which he grew up.  I like having that memento from my visit to the museum.

(Does anyone else wonder at what sort of personal charisma Diego Rivera must have had?  I mean, frankly, he's not my idea of a "hottie" but he was truly a real ladies man and was certainly a hot item in his time.  Go figure.)

I covered the back cover of the journal with milagros I purchased while on the trip after I returned home.


Grove Street Journal said...

Your journals are beautiful. : )

carol said...

Love that rich yellow/gold background of your pages. We went on the house and garden tour when we were there too. Seeing your nametag brought back all my memories. I enjoyed seeing your pages - thanks for posting!

diane b said...

A great Journal, Michele. You must be proud of it and get much enjoyment revisiting the pages like I do my old scrap books. For a while I couldn't get my head around what to do with holiday recording after photo books became popular. I love them but It wasn't the same as making a scrap book because I couldn't add ephemera (I learnt that word from you). However I now do a journal with ephemera but no photos, they go in the photo book. However, my journal is not as neat or artistic as yours.

Photocat said...

Heeee, I even encounter Diego Rivera. All of a sudden, in the middle of the book. Whilst gooing and aahhwing over all the goodies I see. What a wonderful way of keeping your memories together. And telling us about the beauty you saw in Mexico. We will move to New Mexico in two years, and Mexico is definitely on my bucket list.
I love the writing you did and read big parts of it. Very interesting, the kind of things you want to hear from people who visited another country. Thanks Michele for sharing