Sunday, March 25, 2012

Things that Fly in Africa

Well, okay, these weaver's nests don't fly.  But the weaver birds do.

I really hate to admit this, having just returned from my Africa trip and having had the pleasure of having a professor along who is a birder, a professional birder, who knew what was what, and who was who and he would kindly tell you---if you asked.   And I asked.  And immediately forgot!  It was, truly, like my brain was made of Swiss cheese and I just could not keep the name of any of these beautiful birds straight.

Yes.  Yes, I know.  I do know this is an ostrich.  I don't know where exactly I thought one would find an ostrich in the wild, but the fact that they have a big presence in Kenya and Tanzania never crossed my mind.  (The one made of Swiss cheese.)

I do remember these, above, are some sort of Egyptian geese.

This little plump cutie?  Nary a clue.  I'd rather you just thought me dull and stupid rather than a faker who just threw out likely sounding names when I truly wasn't sure.  And, who knows, I have probably identified some of these incorrectly.  For which, if I have, I am really sorry.  I am just not a bird name rememberer.

This big one was a hawk.  I think.  A Harrier hawk?

This is a superb starling.  That is one I remember.  I mean, honestly, who could forget the  name of such a glorious bird?

 This magnificent hunter, a ????, was so lovely in flight.

Don't know.  Don't remember, but they were iridescent and beautiful!

Remember this one?  Splendid starling....

This is a yellow bird and...

....these are storks!  Flew all the way from Europe to winter in the warmth of Africa.
Hmmmm....we saw quite a few of these guys.  Can't remember....mating display....remember that from the big red splotch on its breast....reminded me of a frigate bird, the ones I saw in the Galapagos...but it's not a frigate bird.  I don't know!  I don't remember.  But I do remember how impressed with his coloring and I do remember I was at Lake Manyara.

To all you birders out there, forgive me.


diane b said...

I'm so glad that I've met a blogger who can't remember names. With me its mostly flowers but I'm no good at birds either. Anyway it doesn't stop one admiring their beauty and trying to capture them well. The one taking off is great It looks a bit like some sort of eagle. The brightly coloured ones are lovely too. Jo from 'Memorable Memories' lives in Africa and is a birder, she could help out.

diane b said...

That should read "Memorable Meanders"

carol said...

Love to see the birds of another land - fabulous each and every one.