Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2nd Part of my Africa Travel Journal Pages

Are you sick unto death of my travel journals, Dear Reader?  If so, well, I apologize.  This is the last posting from Africa.

Again, I have so much fun with my Pogo Printer, being able to print out photos from the day to use at night when I sit down to journal.  Sometimes it is easier to plan how to approach the daily writing by looking through and picking the photos I want to include.

The leaf in the spread above is from a plant the locals call the sandpaper bush (Ficus exasperata).  The leaves are so rough that they really do use it for sandpaper.  (I saw it in action.)

I collect feathers wherever I go.  A wonderful teacher at ArtFest once told me that if she found a feather in front of her feet on her daily walk, she knew she was on the right path.  I love that idea and now I am always on the lookout for feathers.  Nonie has gotten so she hands me any feathers she spies.  (I always give her any green glass I find on the beach, so I guess that's fair.)

Once I started writing about Tony, our guide on Safari, I couldn't stop.  He truly was the Best of the Best---smart, funny, a fantastic communicator, organized, professional and kind.  Besides he has the best smile, too!

This trip to Africa was just the best holiday.  I learned so much, met such lovely people, saw so many incredible species of animals and birds, heard some great music and traveled with a most congenial group.  I wouldn't change one thing.  (Well, except maybe make it last longer....)

Africa has turned out to be a place I really want to explore in more depth.  I hope to return before too long, maybe to South Africa this time.  Or somewhere in the western part of the continent.  There is so much diversity and so many places I want to explore.

It is good to have more places to inscribe on my "to visit" list.


diane b said...

It sounded like a fabulous trip. Your journal is so in depth and attractive. I do the same with blogging chose the photos and make a story from them. I would like to visit Africa but Bill and money are a problem. That is a bit unkind, but we are both getting to the stage of can't be bothered going overseas anymore. In saying that we are off to LA on Sunday but that is a necessity.

carol said...

I might have said this before but I LOVE that yellow background you used in this journal on some of your pages... and the way the pictures fit in with the writing and the specimens you collected. Great photos!