Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Morning

Busy week.  It's always busy this time of year as this is when I do the scheduling of the volunteers for the Edmonds Arts Festival.  Not even two months until we are, once again, in full Festival mode.  This is rather a poignant season for me as it's my last year on the board.  I will miss it.

I completed my map for the ArtHouse Co-op map project.  The idea was to create a map, a map of anything you wanted, that would fold up into a 4 by 6 inch packet and was mailable in a standard envelope.  I chose to do a map of places I've been and places I plan to visit.  I had quite a lot of fun doing this as it took me back to my university days (all these many decades ago!) when I was a geography student, studying cartography.  This was just as computer mapping was becoming the way of all mapping, but we still had a cartographic lab and we all  had to make maps by hand.  It was something I was not particularly good at, although I did enjoy it.

I also had fun this week doing a run of relief prints.  I got to make a huge mess!

Between gully-washers of cold, grim rain, spring is exploding around me.  The cherry tree in front of my house is reaching out its arms toward the flowering quince.  The aroma is delicate and fresh and screams "spring!"

I can't get enough of tulips and daffodils and I'm forever buying a bunch (or three) at the local market and coming home and plunking them in whatever receptacle is at hand.  I have jugs and vases all over the house.

I couldn't, no, I could NOT, cut any of the flowers growing on my back deck.  That would be a sin!  I stand at the kitchen window and just gape at all the color.  Such a lovely sight after a long, cold, wet winter.

 I am so ready for spring!

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carol said...

Your pots of flowers are BEAUTIFUL!