Friday, August 29, 2008

Theatre of Dreams

The highlight of highlights of my ZNE experience was Monday afternoon when a small group of us headed north from Pleasanton to the very tiny little village of Port Costa, California, to the Theatre of Dreams belonging to the amazing Wendy Addison. I don't know where to start or really what to say about our visit! Wendy was a delight----warm, welcoming, approachable, generous and fun. She made us at home in her amazing shop and work space, shared some of her creations with us, showed us her book in the works (Theatre of Dreams, of course!) and then bought us all a drink at the amazing Warehouse Cafe . Wendy opens her shop only six times a year, I understand, and very rarely by special arrangement (like our visit). If you ever get the chance, GO.

Since I can't possibly describe the experience, I am hoping that some of these photos will give you a little taste of how encompassing it was, how Wendy has created a magical place that makes you feel you've gone somewhere off the map. The following shots were taken in Wendy's workshop.
Wendy Addison, above and belowWendy's sales assistant for our visit, Peaches O'Brien (she of the wicked sense of humor and kind heart).

Chelise Stroud Hery and Wendy Addison

Lovey lady, I think her name is Patty! Note the divine star tiara....she wears it so well.
Below, letters Wendy printed with her letterpress and antique type, that are soon to be incorporated into a banner for my studio.

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Nicole Austin said...

Hi Michele,

I missed the trip to Wendy Addison's studio, but your photos make me feel like I was there in spirit. ;) It was nice meeting you at Convenzione, too. I can't believe it's over...I guess there's always next year!