Friday, May 28, 2010

Against All Odds

Against all odds, I remembered it was Self Portrait Friday! So, very early this morning, I took a couple of shots of my buddy, Orcie, giving me morning loves. He thinks that the best place to nap is right up against my computer while I do my morning email. It is not terribly convenient for me, but that doesn't matter a whit, to his mind. What does matter is that it's warm, I'm right there (at his beck and call) and should the mood strike, he can attack my typing hands at any time. He's full from breakfast and life is good.

Please forgive my hair....bedhead is not pretty!


Grove Street Journal said...

Having just spent a good few minutes scratching the neighbor's cat, I appreciate these photos! : )

diane b said...

They know who's boss. He has you trained well.