Friday, May 21, 2010


My eldest daughter, darling Type A attorney daughter, is getting married to the nicest man in late September. Since it is her second marriage, it will be a small affair, well under 50 guests, and will be in Napa. J has it all planned---flowers, food, attendants, flower girls (two of my granddaughters, of course) and now, mother. I will be wearing a dress that she (very gently) led me to, in the color of her choice (and my favorite). I got the blouse/skirt combo ordered today and expect delivery by mid August. (I'd forgotten how long it takes to order wedding attire!)

J even had her co-worker, the fashion guru, tell me what sort of shoes I should wear. I need to find them, but I have time and now I know what I should choose for my ensemble.

I did, however, get to pick out my own jewelry. And did I get lucky! I have a friend who is a very talented jewelry designer. Her name is Audrey Daniels and she is amazing and talented---and a lot of fun, I might add. I told Audrey that I wanted something special to wear to daughter's wedding and she created the most amazing necklace and complimentary earrings for me. I love them and am so excited to wear them on J's special day. The design is so me and it makes me feel so pretty.

The best part? Audrey calls the piece "Basket of Joyful Memories." Now, isn't that just perfect?

I will be returning to posting about my recent trip soon. The photo editing is going slowly, but it is happening. I promise.


Grove Street Journal said...

Ha ha ha... I didn't gently guide you... you picked it out all on your own!

diane b said...

Wouldn't she let you wear your red point up toed shoes???
The jewellery is very pretty.