Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dar Seven in Marrakech

I am, Dear Reader, giving you the last stop of our trip first. Why, you ask? Because that's the way the photos are getting edited! And, besides, Dar Seven was the most amazing place to end a spectacular trip. We had three nights here, in royal luxury, pampered and fluffed by the most attentive staff (led by Ahmed). It was truly heaven.

Above is the last little bit of lane leading to the door of the Dar. (Dar means large house) It was in the Sidi Ben Slimane area of the medina (old walled town) and we felt rather clever that we could go out and come back again---without help!

This is the view looking down from our bedroom, The White Room, into the interior courtyard. You never know what sort of lovely, amazing spaces lurk behind the anonymous, blank doors in the lanes and alleys of the medina.

A seating area off the main courtyard.

The White Room

Inlaid chest in our room

The amazing bathroom....you should have seen the tub all decked out in candles in the evening....unfortunately all my photos of that decadent scene were fuzzy and out-of-focus.

The neighbor's cat, lounging in the sun, taken from our rooftop terrace.

Ahmed serves Nonie a fabulous dinner on our second night at the dar.

All the food we enjoyed in North Africa was delicious. I became very enamoured with Moroccan salads. You would be offered six or seven different salads to start each meal. We often had carrot, beet, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, olive and lettuce salads, and each and every one was delicious. And, OMG, the BREAD. How I miss the bread....

And here is a sampling of our breakfast at Dar Seven.
should you ever find yourself in Marrakech, I can't recommend Dar Seven highly enough---the beauty of the building and all the rooms, the quiet calm retreat n the midst of the medina and the birdsong! Dar Seven was everything it was billed to be---and much more!


diane b said...

Oh my! I would love to stay there. The food is making my mouth water and tummy rumble as I haven't had dinner

Grove Street Journal said...

OMG, the photos! The hotel! I am speechless. It looks AMAZING.