Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oooops! I forgot, again!

And yet, again, I forgot to post my self-portrait on Friday! WHY can't I remember to do that on Friday? Why does it always occur to me at 12:02 AM that I haven't posted the self-portrait that I got all ready to go? I know I don't like doing self-portraits but I didn't realize just how much I obviously don't like doing self-portraits!

Here are my feet, encased in my lovely new RED Moroccan slippers (babouche). I love red slippers, especially when the toes turn up! I got these in Fes. More on Fez and the leather works coming soon.



Gwen said...

Oh, be still my heart!! I love red shoes! Good thing I have such BIG feet, or you would have to keep a very close eye on those slippers!

Grove Street Journal said...

Mom, how did you do the self portrait? It's very cool.

diane b said...

They are so neat .