Friday, February 11, 2011

Honolulu---Day 4


It was another relaxed, pretty much non-productive day here in Honolulu. We did some walking, some shopping, some eating, swimming, lolling and just plain ol' relaxing. It was a fine day!
For lunch we stopped at the Moana Surfrider, a luxury hotel in a beautiful old Colonial style building. We had their high tea. very proper, very old-school and very good. I can highly recommend the jasmine pearl green tea and the egg and shrimp sandwiches. A little nibble of dessert or two might have been taken, but we were careful and did not over indulge. I really enjoyed the experience.

And we had bird sightings. I have no idea what kind of birds these might be.
And for our last night in Honolulu, fireworks! I don't have any idea what the fireworks were in celebration of, but it was a very beautiful and surprisingly long show...something to do with the Chinese New Year or a wedding perhaps? I guess I'll never know. But to whomever the sponsor was, thank you! We enjoyed the show.


Meri said...

That red-headed bird is intriguing. His headdress looks cardinal-like. Is he a relative from the 50th state?

diane b said...

That is a real holiday ' having unproductive days" The high tea looked delicious how could you resist. Godd fireworks shots I always end up with squiggles.

Anonymous said...

All this seems vaguely familiar....Love, your roomate, Nonie