Friday, March 04, 2011

Journals Update

I have finally finished a journal I started way back in, I think, 2009. I took a class at Art & Soul in Portland from D. J. Pettitt, in which we created journals or books that were painted and sewn with both paper and fabric. Now, in the best of times I am not what you would call a fabric person and I had never sewn paper to fabric before, but it was fun and the project just swept me along.

Most of the participants seemed to work in a soft, pastel sort of pallet, must as D.J. herself. That is not, obviously, my pallet.

As I was working on my covers and pages, it occurred to me that the colors and textures I was using were very reminiscent of Aboriginal art.

I realized that I had created a journal to hold all the photos I have been clipping for years of Aboriginal art. I, alas, have been very remiss in keeping the artists' names with their work, so I will not show a complete page with some one's art because I can not give proper credit. Slovenly as my record keeping might be, the finished journal pleases me greatly and I feel that I have created a little book that compliments to wonderful artwork featured inside.

I also have completed my little travel journal for my Hawaii trip. I didn't do any watercolors or illustrations while I was there, sloth that I was. I just (barely) managed to record the daily events and to collect some ephemera to jazz up my pages.

I used my Pogo printer a lot on this trip and added many photos, more than usual, to my journal.

It amazes me how each of my travel journals is very like the others, but also very different, as each trip is different from the others.

I've put this journal aside on my desk with the others. I am beginning to get a nice collection of them!
My journal for my upcoming trip to China is ready and waiting....


diane b said...

a fascinating hobby. I wish I could be less apathetic and get into mine. I love your colours. I find it difficult to find time on tours to be creative, I only just manage to write a journal article each day.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

WHOA!!! It is gorgeous!!

Gill said...

Michelle - I have just discovered your lovely blog via the Full Tilt Boogie 'Craft Monkey' list, and have enjoyed reading along. Your travel journals are delightful, and I wondered if you would be interested in posting pics of some of them over at my new website - Travel and Art ( - a site specifically for people with a passion for travel and journaling.