Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Night with the Boys

Last night one of my favorite groups rolled into town and played a great two set concert at the Moore Theatre. Great Big Sea is just starting their 19th year together. Since it was my birthday earlier in the week I rather thought of this show as my birthday gift from them. It was a doozie!

Sean McCann sang Safe Upon the Shore, a haunting ballad that is so enhanced by his splendid voice.
Many of my favorite songs were sung. There was much bantering and bouncing and strumming and drumming. It was LOUD.

And Alan Doyle provided his usual silliness to make it all the more fun.

I had a grand time!

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diane b said...

I applaud you going to loud shows with all the youngn's. However I enjoyed the music too. Getting into the swing for St Patrick's Day.