Monday, July 25, 2011

Beautiful Blooming Nantucket

Nantucket is the prettiest place I think I have ever been.  All the gray shingled houses, most with white trim and the beautifully manicured gardens make for wonderful walks.  Everywhere you look there is another gorgeous hydrangea in full bloom or a window box with eye-popping combinations I would never have thought to use together.

So many of the houses (and many of the shops, too) have window boxes.  They all look so wonderful it makes me wonder why more of us don't use them?

Even at your feet on the sidewalks, things are growing and blooming----and beautiful.

 If you look closely into the center of the white Rose of Sharon in the picture above you'll see a fat and pollen-covered bumble bee.

I love the shape of the window above.  The lush, over flowing window box just adds to the charm.

How's this for curb appeal?

I am definitely going to be planting more hydrangeas when I get home!!!


diane b said...

What a beautiful place. All neat and clean and blooming.

Carol said...

Window boxes are just the most beautiful thing aren't they? Your photos of them are wonderful.