Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nantucket Bound

photo by Bee Shay

I am leaving you, Dear Reader, for my annual pilgrimage to the home of my friend on the island, the Gray Lady,  that has won its way into my heart.  No, I am not overstating my feelings for Nantucket; I really do love it there.

I am going to go on walks with The Boyz, one of whom is pictured above.

I am going to stroll the cobblestone streets of the village and maybe buy some flowers or take Bee to lunch, or linger in some of my favorite little shops.

I know I'll spend a lot of my time on one beach or another, at different times of the day. While I'm there, Bee and I will probably draw silly pictures in the sand....

...and I may well chase seagulls, wildly waving my arms in the air while screeching at the top of my lungs, like the three-year-old who still resides inside me.

I may just stand on the shore and let the ocean waves mesmerize me.  Again and again and again....

I'll be having fun taking some classes at the 1800 House, sponsored by the Nantucket Historical Association.  I love their classes!

I plan to do a lot of dog scratching and dog cuddling.  How can you resist this face?  I can't!

I'll be gone a long while because after my two weeks of bliss on Nantucket, Bee and I are off to Fort Collins, Colorado, for the Nature Printing Society annual workshop.  There I'll be trying my hand at gyotaku and I'll be printing this fish and that octopus and who knows what else.  Bee and I will also be reunited with another dear friend, FishBoy himself----the one, the only....Fredly!

Sigh.  It just keeps getting better and better.

When I get back, let's get together some late afternoon and have a cold ice tea, sit on the deck amongst the pots of blooming annuals and share photos and stories of what we did on our summer vacation.

Is it a date?

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