Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bah --- Viewer Discretion Advised

I got up to my cabin last weekend to discover that I have had a leak under my sink (probably the reverse osmosis unit going bad, but I guess the plumber will tell me for sure) and that I now have extensive water damage.  I have been traveling a lot and had not been up to stay for about thee weekends and lo!  I discover this....

The plumber will be there tomorrow.  The insurance adjuster arrives at 9 AM on Friday morning.  I fear that this may not be covered by my insurance, judging from the dire things that were said to me on the phone today.  I would have, ordinarily, been on the phone to the claims people on Sunday except that we had a little family medical emergency....Nonie had to have her gallbladder removed on Monday morning.  She just got sicker and in more and more pain on Sunday and finally she called me at 11 PM to come and take her to the ER.  They kept her overnight, running this test and that scan, and they ascertained that she was, indeed, having a gall bladder attack and that the bad ol' thing had to come out.  Now.

And so, as she said, She is now "not all there."  Hey, her words, not mine!

I can not believe the wonders of laparoscopic surgery.  She went into the operating room in great, horrible pain and came out about 2 1/2 hours later (after her recovery room stay, too) laughing and chatting and acting like she was totally ready to start doing the Hokey Poky.  The day and night difference was amazing and her recovery is continuing to be fast and wondrous.  I am so very, very glad she is feeling so well and making such a speedy recovery.  What a relief!

She looks pretty darn good for someone who'd been so very sick just 24 hours before.

And least you find all the horrible moldy photos too icky for words, I leave you with a recent photo of my smallest grandbaby.  She is not icky!

PS  There is also the happy fact that the All Blacks (New Zealand's National team) won the Rugby World Cup, which is wonderful news to me.   Guess I'm letting my little "rugby problem" out to the world in general, but it was a knuckle-biter of a game (against France, who played very well).  But, hey, my favorite team won!  Yippee!!!


Michele said...

Hope you and Nonie are still able to attend Journalfest so I can live vicariously! Please tell Nonie I say hello and best wishes for a speedy recovery - which it looks like she is already enjoying.


diane b said...

Lots of things happening in your life at the moment. bad luck about your cabin. I hope it can be fixed without too much drama and cost. Glad Nonie is free of pain. It is an excruciating pain. The medical marvels are amazing.

Grove Street Journal said...

Yikes! I am so sorry about the water damage! I am going to hold out hope that it will be covered by insurance and the good news -- it can be fixed, just like Auntie! ; ) I am so happy to hear that N is feeling better and is on the mend! BTW, I had NO IDEA you were a rugby fan. NONE. I have been to an All Blacks match!