Sunday, October 09, 2011

LegoLand Halloween Party Night

Yesterday my daughter, grandchildren #2 and #3 went to LegoLand to experience their Halloween Party Night.  It was sort of creepy.  There were spiders in palm trees....

....and children rode on rides.  The #2 granddaughter was excited to take this "flight" but #3 grandchild (and #1 grandson) seemed somewhat apprehensive.  Gramma Gramma had to hold the backpack and extra clothes and was, therefore, denied the flight.

My daughter (Ungrateful Wretch) was being somewhat cavalier with her mother.  Always picks on me, that one.

There were actual dancing skeletons.  They were pretty darn good tap dancers, too, those skeletons.

And there were these enormous spiders----everywhere!  Beware!!!

We were all very impressed with this fellow, who could balance on an enormous rubber ball, roll around wherever he wanted to go, and NOT. Fall. Off.

How do they do that?

Magic light sabers were purchased.

Good thing, too, as they were desperately needed to protect us all from icky spiders......

I was especially delighted with this very tall, very glowing blue ghoulish ghostly thingie.

And there was a giant Halloween pumpkin-moon shining through the trees.

We found an old, gray-haired Lego lady and so we posed with her.  (The Ungrateful Wretch insisted.  Something about bonding with "my kind, my people".  See, I told you she was an Ungrateful Wretch.)

None of us had ever been to Mini Land in the dark.  It was different and fun and I loved to see it with all the shadows.

The cemetery in the Old New Orleans (St. Louis cemetery, if memory serves.)  section was my favorite part of Mini Land---so seasonally appropriate.

And as if we really needed any more gilding the lily, FIREWORKS!!!!!

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