Thursday, October 13, 2011


Everywhere I go, everywhere I look, here in North San Diego county, there are succulents.  More and more succulents and the are all...well....very succulent.

I have become quite fond of them over the last few years.  Some of them, like the agave above, have the most elegant lines.

I love these 'lettuce-y' ones, although I do not know the name of them.  The red edges against the sage green of the body of the leaf is unexpected and lovely.

These little green balls are my daughter's (Ungrateful Wretch) favorites.  We bought a lot of different succulents and replanted her boxes in the front of her house.  The old plantings had run their course over the summer and were looking drab and, well, dead.  So now the boxes are stuffed full of a wide variety of succulents, and some remaining and thriving, herbs.

I have a few succulents at home, but they often drown over the winter, given the vast amounts of water that insists on falling from the sky in the Pacific Northwest.  Since I return home tomorrow I am stocking up on sunshine and viewing healthy and hale succulents.

Must be 90 degrees here today.  I'm going to freeze to death when I return home.  I am not ready for winter!

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