Monday, June 06, 2011

Rawlings Attends Her Own Baby Shower

The guest of honor at a baby shower for my daughter Jennie was her new daughter, Rawlings, who arrived three weeks early.  Rawlings was a most welcome addition to the festivities, although she apparently had partied hard the night before because she barely opened an eye the whole time she was in attendance.  My sister-in-law, Nancy, and her daughter Megan were the hostesses for this happy event.  From the decorations to the food, it was perfect.  Thank you so much, Nancy & Megan!

She loves to sleep with one or both hands up by her face.  That's the way she was "photographed" in the womb, too, always with the hands held high.

Photo curtesy of Don Whitebread, aka "Grunkle" Don

Here we have Great Grandmother (known as GG in our family) meeting Rawlings for the first time.  She apparently passed muster....

Photo by Don Whitebread

That happy looking young lady in the enter of the photo holding the little sweater is my daughter Jen.  Her sister Annie is to her left, and then me, in the red.  Many family members attended, including my beautiful daughter-in-law Kellie, who you can see just behind me in the white sweater.

Photo by Don Whitebread

The happy parents were gifted with many beautiful items for our new little one.  Rawlings will have quite the wardrobe!
Photo by Don Whitebread

Here is the proud papa, Chris (known as Critter within our family as Annie's husband is also a gets confusing!) and his mother, Ginny, the other grandma.

Photo by Don Whitebread

And here is another shot of the very proud papa and his new little one.  He is adorable, too!

Photo by Don Whitebread

My two eldest granddaughters, Emma (6) and Alex (5) were able to attend the baby shower, too.  They both looked like spring gardens in their pretty dresses.  I think they are as cute as can be,  just as ALL my grandbabies are!  Yes, I might be biased.  But still, I bet you, Dear Reader, think they pretty cute, too, don't you?

And here is my beautiful Jennie and her little one again.  The circle of life is something, isn't it?

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