Tuesday, June 21, 2011


 Denise Bossieux, EAF president,  and I exchange a hug during the Festival
photo courtesy of Susan Penning

The 2011 Edmonds Arts Festival is history.  We had a happy Festival this last weekend, here in Edmonds.  Many people came on Friday and Sunday.  The fact that anyone showed up on Saturday is amazing, as the weather was awful!  It rained and/or misted all day long and it was a very soggy day here.  (Like most of our spring.)  People came all weekend, they looked at some astoundingly good art (and some sort of mediocre, to be honest), they ate some good "fair" food (the Greek salad was my favorite) and they enjoyed the shopping with over 220 juried-in vendors and listened to some great bands.  Many parents got to watch their children dance, too.  I use the adjective great a lot because it was great!

Nonie (L) and me, at our desk in the Volunteer Room
photo courtesy of Susan Penning

Nonie and I, co-directors of Volunteers, were blessed with many happy, helpful people this year, who kindly gave up their free time to come and work for us, for free, with a smile on their faces and a willing heart.  I can't thank them all enough.  Since there were close to 200 who gave multiple hours to work the all-volunteer Festival, and it takes a lot of people to work the 125+ job slots each day, I won't name each and every one of them.  (But, really, I should.)

It was a great Festival, but I'm tired.  REALLY tired.  I'm getting too old for this marathon of 14-16 hour days for a week.  I am going to go to California tomorrow morning and I plan to sit on my daughter's couch and hold her new baby.  For three days.  And quietly hum happily.

More from my China trip when I return.  Please, Dear Reader, be patient with me---I've been busy!

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