Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Visit to Rawlings

I just returned from visiting Rawlings and her doting parents last night.  I was only away for three days, but it was three days of bliss.  I sat, as I said I would, on the couch, holding my newest grandchild, and watched her face as she slept and listened to her little baby grunts and gurgles.

Once in a great while I let her parents have a moment with her....but mostly I hogged her the whole time I was there.  Her mommy did a little work while letting Rawlings sleep in her new carrier.  It worked out very well.

Her daddy headed for her the minute he got home from work.  He seemed to expect that I would relinquish her to him.  Bah.  Fathers!  What do they know?

Occasionally I  had to let them hold the little one because it is exceedingly hard to hold a baby and take a picture of that baby at the same time.  I know this for a fact.  I tried it repeatedly with less than stellar results.

Rawlings is definitely interested in the people around her.  She is also very enamoured with lights and her father's hair.

And, oh my!  How her daddy does love her.

Her mommy loves her, too.  In fact, they dote.  (As they should.)

I enjoyed both my flights, to and fro, as the weather was clear and I had lovely views of passing mountains.  Mt. St. Helens was looking most interesting.

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