Friday, December 20, 2013

Looking Festive

The Edmonds town Christmas tree
We had snow overnight.  I know that's not surprising to many of you, it being December in the Northern Hemisphere and all,  but in the Seattle area snow is rare, especially before Christmas.

 I really don't think snow belongs in town.  In the mountains, yes, maybe even at my cabin, but not in town.

But this particular snow was very well behaved, indeed.  It's already mostly melted.  All the streets are clear just as I have need to go out.  Very nice timing.

I will, grudgingly, admit that it was oh-so-pretty and festive at first light.  I stood at the window, warm and toasty, and enjoyed the snow falling softly and how pretty and festive it all looked.

Except for the fact that it makes it hard to drive, and Seattle area drivers are famous for their lack of snow driving ability, and that when it melts it's all slushy and goop-y and gets in your shoes, and that it is cold.....well, it's quite pretty.   A snowfall makes you appreciate hot drinks and warm fires and cozy houses.  It shows you the architecture of the winter garden.  I can almost like it in this small town.

 From my house to yours, Happy Holidays!


Judy Wise said...

What a beautiful post; I loved every picture. What well behaved snow! xo

john said...

Happy holidays back to you and your family, Michele. The snow is indeed beautiful and you captured the best of it with the holiday decorations!

Kathie Vezzani said...

It was beautifully short lived! Just long enough for us to take pictures!