Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Southern Africa Travel Journal--Part 2

I tried doing a little nature printing while working in Africa on this journal.  I had varying results but over all, I like having the immediacy of prints made with just an stamp pad while traveling.  It was fun (if messy!).

The large elephant photo is a tissue paper prints of a photo I took while in East Africa several years ago.  I did three or four of the tissue paper prints in this journal from photos I took on my previous trip.

Taking along a roll or two of washi tape is a great way to add collected ephemera along the way.  Besides the tape, I always have one or two glue sticks with me.
detail of the page above--flap turned so you can see the children dancing

More coming!


Judy Wise said...

What exotic photos and memorabilia you have in your journal! Looking at these pages I believe you are very adventurous and brave. Hats off to you and Nola!

diane b said...

I don't know how you get time to do this fabulous work while you are travelling.