Thursday, December 26, 2013

Southern Africa Travel Journal--Part 3

 And even more's a BIG journal.  Are you getting bored with all of this yet?

I never thought I would become so addicted to birds, but that's what Africa has done to me.  I looked for them all the time, and was rewarded with so many amazing species.  I am not a birder, but I tried to learn the names of the birds I saw....and failed.  But I do try to learn.

The leopard spotted page is actually a sack that I got from some shop, in the US, and used as a page.  It is quite handy for storing ephemera.

The patterned acrylic sheets make great pockets.  I use them to store supplies (collected vintage postcards, labels, etc.) in the journal while traveling.  I usually have them chuck-a-block with things when I leave home and slowly, over the course of the trip, I use them in the pages.

The wild background on the left hand page is actually a napkin I found at home and just glued onto the page.  I love the feel of it

And, yes, Dear Reader, there is still more coming.

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diane b said...

It just gets better.It is a work of art with colour and texture.