Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Post Christmas Wrap Up and a Happy New Year!

They all came for Christmas.  They all came for Christmas!  It was wonderful.  It was joyous.  It was the best, the very best, gift of all, to have the whole family gathered together.

There was lots of sugar consumed....candy, cookies, cheesecakes, pies.....and even a visit to Nama's Candy store, just down the alley and around the corner from Gramma's house.

We all spent Christmas Eve at G.G.'s house (great grandma), as is our tradition.  There were LOTS of us there....aunts, uncles, cousins, friends....There was a delicious dinner and then....wait for it....SANTA came!

Some of us were pensive, wondering if Santa would bring the gift of our heart's yearning.

And some of us got exactly what we had hoped for!

Mothers took joy in seeing their little ones so happy....but maybe worried a bit how to get all the new booty into the car and transported home.  And then, where to put it?

G.G. seemed very happy with her big photo of the 15 of us on Maui during out Family Vacation in August.

And Christmas morning found us gathered at this gramma's house, for our traditional family 'tree' and cinnamon rolls (kindly baked by my Annie this year and transported all the way from Southern California).

This photo is truth in advertising!

Some little boys were very excited to see if Santa had brought the exact, the very Lego set desired....

And he did!

And to finish off a perfect Christmas Day, we gathered for dinner with family and friends and ate our fill, laughed until it hurt and just enjoyed the joy that family brings.

May your 2014 be a year of adventure, excitement, health and "just enough."

Happy New Year!!!


Judy Wise said...

What a gorgeous family, Shelley. You are blessed indeed. Have a wonderful New Year. xoxoxo

Grove Street Journal said...

It was a wonderful holiday indeed. Love you, Mom!