Friday, December 27, 2013

Southern Africa Travel Journal--Part 4

And still more....more and more pages from my travel journal.  You are strong, Dear Reader, if you are still with me!

I put in a one of my reduction prints of an acacia tree.  The print was taken from a photo I took on a previous trip in Kenya.

Penguins in Africa!  I still have trouble wrapping the idea of penguins in Africa around my mind.  There is a rookery near the Cape of Good Hope.

The portrait of Nelson Mandela was done by schoolchildren and hangs in The One and Only Hotel in Cape Town.  I thought it lovely.  Those 8th graders did an amazingly good job.

And only one more installment to go.  Whew!

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john said...

Your photos look so amazing on your blog....just as amazing as holding it myself. I like that your fingers are showing, too.