Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cayo Costa

Before I forget, there is a very funny posting on Figi Island Mermaid press dated March 13th. Made me laugh out loud!
We went over to Cayo Costa today with Steve, who is Carin the property manager's husband. He dropped us off at the southeast tip and we walked around the end of the island to seven miles of beach stretching ahead of us. We were, to say the least, not alone today as there must have been a tour boat that unloaded just after we arrived, because I looked up and there were at least 50 people walking down the beach! It looked like a parade. Even Nonie had to admit that there were enough shells to go around. We each found some beauties and I finally found a helmet shell to call my own. That, and some nice fig shells, too. Cayo Costa is surely the place to go for shells. Heaven. It was heaven.
After we got back from Cayo Costa we got a call from Carin asking us to take our golf cart down to Mike & Toni's other rental house and leave it there as the present renters had broken the axle on the cart that went with that house. We are now driving Toni & Mike's fancy black golf cart and it goes about twice as fast as the one we've been driving, even after the old card got worked on and was preforming much better. This new cart will practically give you whiplash if you aren't careful!

We took a tour of the area, looking for birds, and had some really good luck. There were brown pelicans out at the wharf and an egret fishing in the mangroves. We saw a mourning dove (or pigeon-like-bird of some sort, anyway). It was a beautiful day and we made the most of it.

Tomorrow is our last day on North Captiva and I am very much wishing we could stay another two weeks.

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Heather, said...

Wow, Michele, these photographs are so beautiful, how fortunate you are to have been able to be in such a phenomenal place! Glad you finally revealed yourself as one of my blog I can read yours too! I will pop over to my blog and link up to yours right away...don't want anyone else to miss out on these great images OR your wonderfully fun art "mess".