Friday, March 07, 2008


For the first time in my (nearly) 58 years, I am under a Tornado Watch! There is quite a storm headed this way and besides the tornado warnings, there is a high surf and coastal flood advisory also. There is the possibility of water up to two feet higher than the high tide line. Does this mean that there will be lots of shells way up high tomorrow??? Should I be worried? Should I be digging a root cellar to hide in...but wait! No, then what would I do with the high water that could come fill up my hastily dug root cellar? I am beginning to sound a lot like Chicken Little, aren't I?

"Issued by the National Weather Service at 7:03 PM EST on March 07, 2008 Tornado Watch 106 remains in effect until 200 am EST for the following locations FL . Florida counties included are Brevard Charlotte Collier DeSoto Glades Hardee Hendry Highlands Hillsborough Indian River Lake Lee Manatee Martin Okeechobee...."

Frankly, we had a lot of wind today and the surf was pretty rough. Tomorrow might be spectacular! (Assuming I am not sent to Oz by a tornado overnight---which is not a laughing matter nor am I really taking it all that cavalierly.) Severe weather is sort of scary and sort of exciting and since this is all new to me, rather thrilling. Where does one hide from a tornado in a house built up on stilts?

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