Saturday, March 22, 2008


So picture this....I am asleep in my freshly washed bedding, snugged down in my flannel sheets under my pretty blue-flowered French quilt, dreaming something pleasant. The time? A little before six AM. Just outside the window, which is at the head of my bed, barely six feet away from my slumbering self, an insidious, wicked bird had come pound upon the downspout to the garage. It's the red breasted sapsucker, the little 8 inch high noise maker of springs past, back to call for LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE by pounding on my downspouts. He favors the one that is on the gazebo in the front of the house, but this morning he decided to "warm up", I guess, by starting out in back, on the garage. Now, in your mind's eye picture the sweetly slumbering me who is STARTLED from sleep by the loud, nay, deafening pounding of this love lorn birdie. I shot up, maybe six feet or so, horizontally, every hair on my head standing straight out, heart in my throat from the surprise and hung there, over the bed, for several nano seconds while the only thought that ran through my brain was, "Oh, no, NOT AGAIN!" Well, yes. Again. And again. And again. All morning long he has pounded on the downspout. Ah-HA! Just a few minutes ago we both heard a reply, not too far away (but not pounding on metal, thank goodness!). Now, all is quiet.
I do so hope the courting is going well and that the lady has been met, wooed and that the two of them are now busy nest building. Wouldn't that be nice. (And quiet.)

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