Monday, March 03, 2008

More Bliss

Another day in Paradise. We are getting tanned and we are getting more shells that either of us really knows what to do with and I'm a very exhausted but happy camper. We walked about ten miles today, waaaaaay down to the "State Land," as the south side of the island is locally known. I didn't notice that the shelling was that much better down there and it sure is a long, long way to carry back all your loot, so I think tomorrow we may well stay a little closer to home.
If you sit down, even to just have a drink of water or to riffle through a mound of shells, the gulls immediately think you are eating and they start arriving, shouting for a hand out. "Feed meeeeee....feed meeeeeeee!" No. We did not feed them. We did not. We did, however, guard our package of Ritz crackers carefully!I have to admit that I am not very well educated about birds and I am especially ill educated about Eastern US I don't know exactly what sort these hungry fellas might be....but they are pretty and they are numerous and they are LOUD.

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Grove Street Journal said...

Mom, these are wonderful photos! I can tell you are having a blast! Well deserved. : )