Monday, September 12, 2011

Car Show

Downtown Edmonds was transformed yesterday.  Streets in the CBD were blocked off and a huge collection of antique and vintage cars replaced the usual vehicles you would see parked.  There were Model Ts and old Volkswagon Beetles, Chevy two-tones that were the rage when I was a girl and little red (or black) sports cars that looked sleek and fast.

Some of them looked like you should expect a gang of nattily suited bank robbers to pile out of them, machine guns in hand and snappy-brimmed fedoras firmly set onto heads, hair parted in the middle and slicked down with Brylcreem.  Or have I seen too many bad movies?

The grills were chromed.....

....and wing window glass was etched.

The wheels had spokes and were painted.

There were a lot of men my age walking around, some with families in tow, others in "packs" of two or three.  The common denominator was a steaming cup of coffee in many hands, it being fairly early on a
Sunday morning.

My particular favorites, for this year at least, were the Morris cars.  The Minis and the panel trucks and the sedans.  I do love a Morris!

This sleek black panel came all the way from Montana, where it is a resort vehicle.

This wagon with all the beautiful wood was a big hit with the crowds.  One little boy kept asking his Grandpa if they could get one, too?  I think Grandpa would have liked that, himself.

This Chevy was set up for a meal at the drive-in.  I can think of only one local place that still brings your take-out meal to your car on a tray.  I took my granddaughter there once and she thought it was "weird."
I used to think it was "cool."  Times change.

I don't know how many cars were in this show, but they went on for blocks.

It was quite an amazing collection of motor vehicles.  There was even one old tow truck!

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diane b said...

Great shots of the magnificent car show. I think it is so good that people renovate and keep old cars going. I would loved to have seen this show, but your post will have to do.