Saturday, September 17, 2011

San Miguel de Allende

The Salon

Nonie and I arrived in San Miguel de Allende this morning, about 6:30 AM our time (it's two hours later here).  We were driven from the airpot in Leon by a very nice young man named Daniel.  He brought  us directly to the house we've rented for the next two weeks, Casa Feliz.

As you probably can tell from Nonie's smiling face, Casa Feliz is truly a happy house!  It huge, for one thing.  It is rather silly for two ladies to be rambling around in a 4 bedroom, three story house, but we are and it is turning out to be a lot of fun.

What we cal the Family Room
It's a very cozy place despite the size.  I love the details in the architecture and all the nice little touches.  

Master bedroom
The terrace off the master bedroom is wonderful.  The views are good, not as great as from the rooftop terrace, but lovely all the same.  There is furniture for lounging and covered area in case it's too hot or there is a shower.

Patio off the master bedroom--fantastic views!

Another bedroom with a beautiful carved headboard and views onto the street in front of the house
 This bedroom, I think you'd call it the guest room, has it's own full bath,  as does the master.  No one is "making do" here!  Everything is spotless and tidy and whatever you think you might need, it is probably here already, right at hand
The roof terrace
I love the views from the rooftop terrace.  I can hardly wait for tomorrow.  I hope to be awake at dawn so I can shoot some photos of the sunrise.

 There are church spires in every direction.  Lots and lots of places for us to explore!

The kitchen
Our housekeeper, Magdalena, did some simple shopping for foodstuffs for us, bless her heart, and now we have napped and are ready to go out and do a little exploring.

San Miguel  seems to be a wonderful place.  It's 6000 feet above sea level so we are taking today pretty easy and letting out bodies adjust to the thin air.

detail of tile used as risers on the way to the kitchen
Tomorrow we hope to find a arts and crafts show that is happening this weekend.

And on a totally unrelated note, I just realized that my mother was born on September 17th, 95 years ago today.  I wish she were still here to celebrate with me.


diane b said...

Wow what a great holiday house. Everything you need and great views and outside living areas. And a housekeeper to boot. Have fun.

Dreamcicle Journeys said...

Hi Michele, Gwen told me you were in Mexico and when I checked your blog, I see that you're staying in Casa Feliz. We stayed there last October and really enjoyed the home and location. Your photos bring back lots of good memories. Have a great trip, Paula

David said...

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