Saturday, September 24, 2011

SanMiguel - Part 6/23 Sillas

Nonie noticed.  She noticed and she counted.  Twenty-three chairs in this house.  Twenty-three!  That's a lot of chairs.

Nonie noticed and she has plans to sit in every one.  Me?  Nah, I won't sit in each one, but I did take a photo including each and every one.  Guess what I am subjecting you to today?  Yep.   All twenty-three of 'em.

These nice green ones are on the terrace,  the lovely one off my bedroom----my own private terrace that I adore.  I like to sit out here at night and listen to the music wafting from all around, and in the early mornings the bird chatter is sublime.  Lots of bells ring, too.  LOTS of church bells ring.  One rang this morning 24 times and then, long after I thought the pealing was finished....ONE....TWO....more peals.

These two are in my bedroom and are handy for holding stuff that I have strewn around.  I strew a lot.  Too much.

These green ones are on the rooftop patio.  The rooftop patio is amazing.  We have an incredible view of Centro and church spires, birds and tree tops and we are surrounded by a multitude of potted, flowering plants.  It is a special place.

Notice the cheerful yellow cushions.  It's an inviting place to sit and have a cold drink and read a book.

This is a little seating area tucked by the foot of the stairs.  Just two comfy chairs, a table with a few books and great light from the windows high above.  It would be a good spot to read....but then, there are so many good spots to read!  I haven't gotten to this one yet.

Besides chairs (silla, my new word for this morning), we have couches and love seats and benches.  Lots of those, too, but I forget how many.....

Then there are the dining room chairs.....there are a plethora of them, too.  We could have quite the dinner party, if we wished to have a dinner party, which we do not.

More dining room chairs....

And more.....

And more.....

....and the very last one.  (Whew!)  I am especially fond of these blue, hand-painted ones.

Now we move into the Salon.  We have occasional chairs.....

and two couches, laden with comfy pillows....

....and then these exceptionally festive leopard spotted ones by the front window, next to the fireplace!

Yes, these are different ones from the photo above....really.  They are.  I wouldn't lie to you.

And now, here's Nonie's favorite chair, the one she sits in to read when she reads downstairs.

And here is my favorite downstairs reading chair, which I do not read in much because I am usually on my computer.  IF I were (ever) going to get around to working on Rawlings' Christmas stocking, this is the chair I would sit in.  The stocking is there, in a bag with all the beads and floss that I need to embellish it and make it wonderful, but I have only used a needle and thread to sew some milagros on the spine of my Mexico journal.  I am a lazy grandma, I am.

This if the chair at the desk that Nonie uses.

This lovely, inviting chaise/chair/seating-thing is in the corner of the room where we do our journaling and computing.  (There is a TV in here, but we do not watch TV.   We read.  Or surf the internet.  Or journal.)

And this is the chair in which I am now sitting.  This is the chair where I sit to journal or work on my computer.  Of all the chairs in Casa Feliz, this is the one I sit in the most.  It is very comfortable and makes gentle, soft creaking noises when I shift my weight, but it is very sturdy.

And another occasional chair in another corner.....

.....and this chair is just here, at my table and matches the one in which I sit.   It holds big plastic bags full of cords for recharging cameras and phones and such and a big bag of journal supplies.  Handy yet sort of hidden, so I don't have to look at the mess.

This final chair is in the corner of Nonie's bedroom.  It looks very comfortable.  I wonder if she ever sits in it and rocks?

And I didn't even mention all the stools......

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