Wednesday, September 21, 2011

San Miguel - Part 4

We used a little booklet that is available all over town for free, called San Miguel Walking and Shopping Guide, for our "structure" for our wanderings today.  Nola really wants a spa day on this trip and I must honestly say she didn't exactly twist my arm to get me to agree that this sounded like a fine, fine idea.  We decided on the Sense spa at the Rosewood Resort and so it seemed prudent to figure out just exactly where the Rosewood Resort was located and walk #3 in our guide showed us.

You start Walk #3 at El Jardin and head passed La Parroquia and down Aldama to Juarez Park.  The streets are narrow and cobblestone lined, the facades of the buildings painted in warm, earthy colors and all the doors are dressed with amazing latches and door knockers.  It's a wanderers dream walk!

I really liked this modern interpretation of the traditional doorway.

Juarez Park is a lovely, cool place to sit or stroll.  There is a large children's play area with lots of things for the young ones to climb on or slide down.

On our return we walked back up Recreo, passed the bull ring.  I have no intention of going to a bull fight, but I did want to see where the ring was located.  The gate to the entry was open and I took this photo, but that's as far as we went.

This door knocker might just be my favorite (so far).....

We had a delicious lunch at El Pegaso.  I opted for the Especial del Dia, a spicy crab salad stuffed into avocado halves and was not disappointed!  We haven't had a bad meal, or even a so-so meal the whole time we've been here.  The food in San Miguel is as good as the guide books say, and the vast and varied number of restaurants and cafes offering a staggering variety of cuisines is amazing.  There is something delicious everywhere you go.

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