Monday, September 05, 2011

Magic Feather Project

There is an amazing blog, Spirit Cloth, that I have been reading for a while.  The woman who writes it, Jude Hill, is an needle worker of great talent.  She does things with fabric that I find beautiful and very comforting.  Jude's design aesthetic is simple and very personal, and I love seeing what she has achieved with dye, needle and thread.  I wish I had the skill to do some of the things she does, but alas, yet another area where my abilities are lacking.

Jude has an on-going project, called the Magic Feather Project and I decided to take part.  Feathers have always been a personal symbol for Jude and they have also been for me.  Since she will be using the hand sewn feathers that she and others contribute in a way that will benefit children, I think it is well worth passing on the information.  I claim no great skill, but I did a little tea dyed 5-inch square of cotton with my attempt at a feather in just a few hours hours time.  What really surprised me was how much I enjoyed the project and how relaxing it turned out to be!

Jude even has a very informative video on her blog that shows exactly how she goes about embroidering one of her feathers.  If you are interested, take a look.  Maybe you, too, Dear Reader, will try your hand at making a little feather for Jude's project.


diane b said...

That sounds like a fun and worth while project and you have done very well. I am a bit far away and short on time at the moment. I'm trying to remember how to knit and make bedsocks for Mr Coldfeet. I would much rather be working in the garden.

kareninkenai said...

How amazing. You always find the greatest sites. Thanks for sharing. Have fun on your trips that you have planned. Love and hugs from Alaska. Karen