Monday, September 26, 2011

San Miguel - Part 8

Every Sunday in San Miguel the Biblioteca Publica sponsors a Home and Garden tour.  All the monies raised are used for education and support of the children (and some adult programs) in the local area here.  That's a great cause and the Biblioteca does great work and had done so for something like 50 years.

This particular Sunday, Tuna Normalista, a local band, was playing and singing for the entertainment of the people waiting to take the tour.  They were GREAT.  Nonie and I just loved 'em.

At one point, these three young men began to do a chicken dance.  I did not understand the lyrics of the song (but it was festive and a real toe-tapper) but I certainly did understand their chicken imitation.  It was fun and they were delightful.

We went to two homes on the tour this week.  The first one was not to my taste, but the second was quite lovely, in my humble opinion.  Both of the homes had wonderful views---the first a territorial view looking out to the mountains, and the second a stunning view over San Miguel.

This stairway in the second home was so graceful and simple.  It just drew you up!

We had not spent any time searching the streets near the second home for more great doorways and door knockers, so we "bagged" a few more for our "collection" on our way to lunch.

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