Tuesday, September 20, 2011

San Miguel - Part 3

Yesterday we continued our explorations of San Miguel de Allende.  We decided it would be fun to go to Fabrica La Aurora, which is a group of art galleries, artist studios, shops and restaurants all housed in what used to be a fabric mill.  It's a great space, with huge soaring ceilings and polished concrete floors.  There are big bits of machinery still in place, as a reminder of the building's original use, but the art and antiques just flow around them.  There were lots of interior design shops with great furniture and design services (should you have a house here that needed decorating).  We had a lot of fun checking it all out.

We had lunch at Barushi, a Japanese restaurant at Fabrica La Aurora.  The avocado soup was wonderful and Nonie loved her sirloin and rice noodle soup.  We shared some cheese skewers that had been dredged in panko and deep fried---they were the perfect accompaniment to our entrees.

We stumbled into a gallery that featured woodblock prints by Artemio Rodriguez.  His work is energetic, compelling and varied.  I loved it!  I bought the piece you see above.  It's called Never More.
I definitely have this 'thing' about crows and this piece will be a fantastic addition to my bird wall at home and a lovely reminder of my trip to Mexico.

After we had exhausted all the shopping in Fabrica La Aurora we went exploring on our way to the bank to exchange some funds.  We saw so many great doors and door "jewelry."

Every where you look there is a photo waiting to be taken.

The pigeons were enjoying the fountain at El Jardin.

La Parroquia looked festive with the banners strung across the plaza out front.

This building is very near our Casa Feliz on Hernandez Macias.  It absolutely glows in the late afternoon sun.

And as if San Miguel wasn't perfect enough, we discovered Starbucks.  Sorry to say, but I do love the iced green tea at Starbucks.  Now I am in total heaven!

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Glad to know you are having a WONDERFUL TIME! :)